Open position at ShipMonk Research & Development

Senior React Developer

Work schedule
Rohanské nábř. 29, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Česko

Hello, we are ShipMonk, and we provide logistics services in order fulfillment. Our main business is in the USA, but our modern platform is built by the Research & Development team in Prague. We process up to 100,000 orders per day in our peak season. We have more than 1,500 clients which are small and medium e-shops, mostly based in the US. We offer the ShipMonk platform as the solution for the whole process. It covers everything from stocking the items to shipping the ready packages to all corners of the world!

We're looking for a senior FrontEnd Developer who already has a few years experience with React development and will enjoy taking our systems to the next level. We're also looking for someone who will pass on their experience to people on our team. 

About us:

  • Up to 100k orders per day in high season
  • Over 1,000 clients, which are small and medium sized eshops mostly from the US
  • Our platform is the solution for the entire process, from stocking the goods to shipping the ready packages to all corners of the world

What does it look like and what are we proud of?

  • Our single-page application communicates with the backend through a REST-like API. These are the three main web clients. First and foremost is the extensive administration for customers and our colleagues in the warehouse. Next, we are working on a thin client on touch screens in the warehouse to manage quality control and order packing. The pair of applications is then complemented by mobile WebView for warehouse process management (picking).
  • We create components that we style using the latest approaches (CSS-in-JS, Material-UI). We write documentation (Storybook) and the deliverables are regularly consulted by an in-house graphic designer.
  • We keep the code of the remaining applications (PHP backend, autonomous robots, automated conveyors, etc.) in a Monorepo for easier CI checks, code sharing, etc.
  • Each MR can be deployed on a separate cluster for testing purposes with a single button in CI, so we don't worry about the testing environment.
  • We write code in a unified way (Prettier, EditorConfig) and have set up a lot of GitLab CI checks (ESLint, TSC) for that.
  • In addition to static analysis checks, we also do peer reviews and the functioning is verified by the QA team and E2E Cypress tests.
  • We update libraries and frameworks regularly and run on the latest stable versions.
  • Mainly DataDog, Sentry and Opsgenie help us to support the application.
  • We handle autoscaling, almost no service runs just once.
  • Lots of experienced colleagues to learn from is our huge advantage.

Which technologies are we using?

  • React + Redux
  • TypeScript
  • Jest, Cypress
  • React Query
  • Material-UI
  • React Table, Formik, date-fns
  • Git

If you like what we're doing and our "story" has you interested, we look forward to hearing your resume, profile, story, whatever. There are no limits to creativity. Our Recruiter Dominika will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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