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Product Manager

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Panská 892, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha-Praha 1, Česko

You will practice a wide variety of product development skills, from user research techniques to problem prioritisation, setting goals for the product initiatives and leading them.

Job is closed for applications

Welcome to Realpad, where innovation meets real estate.

For over a decade, we've been at the forefront of digitalising the real estate industry and revolutionising sales in residential development. Our journey is marked by significant milestones: serving over 100 global customers and delighting over 100,000 homeowners. Proudly serving major players in 13 countries, our ambition is to lead the EMEA region, continually adapting to meet our clients' evolving needs.

Despite the maturity of our core products, Realpad operates in a market full of opportunities for new projects. This environment enables all team members to readily grow and take on new challenges.

- Where do you need my help?

You will practice a wide variety of product development skills, from user research techniques to problem prioritisation, setting goals for the product initiatives and leading them.

The majority of product development is executed in squads - cross-functional team, which gathers around a particular prioritised problem with one goal - to solve it. You will spend most of your time gathering and analysing data, building assumptions and validating them, and last but not least - coordinating the members of the squad: Business Owner, designer, engineers, QA.

You will be responsible for setting goals and presenting the achievements of the squad. You will report directly to the Head of Product.

Worth mentioning, a few hours a week you will be on the “Product Duty” - which is a support-ish activity, which involves resolving complex tickets (that support couldn’t resolve) and thus finding new usecases and insights on how the product could improve.

- What does the Product do?

We have a range of products and a customer base unevenly spread between them. You will participate in the development of our main product. Flats are our B2B web application which has properties of CRM, Inventory Management, Payments, Aftersales care and a Buyer-facing Portal (which essentially makes it B2B2C to a certain extent). Over 100 customers and thousands of MAUs, successfully use our product to streamline their sales and make home purchase a more transparent experience for their buyers.

- Who will I work with?

It's a very 360 role, you will interact with Account Managers, Sales, Engineers, Designer, and QA. Most of the insights flow through the Customer Success team and Support, however, in some cases, you will interact with users as well. You will also help the Business Development team to fine-tune PMF and Gap analysis for potential markets.

- What my background should look like to feel comfortable in this position?

There are items you must have in your record:
- Experience in B2B product development
- Experience in talking to customers and users
- Ability to seek unbiased solutions and strive for invalidation
- Ability to apply user insights, data, and statistical analyses to make decisions and synthesise problems
- Basic understanding of key product development terms and their impact - PMF, User Experience, Personas, Satisfaction vs Importance
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, ability to go in-depth, find patterns and exceptions
- As the core customer base is located in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a native Czech or Slovak speaker is a must, Professional English is also required to successfully perform on foreign markets - Hungary, Romania, Serbia, BeLux, Portugal and others.

Here is also what we don't expect from you:
- You don't have to have strong managerial skills (or managerial experience), we prefer a wide range of hard skills over tenure in management.
- You don't have to travel (most of the job can be done online).
- You don’t have to have any certificates or diplomas

- Can my knowledge of tools be a blocker?

No. We don’t require a strong knowledge of specific tools, but we do appreciate you bringing more tools and fresh opinions on the tools we use right now - Notion, Jira, Matomo, Metabase, Figma; rarely AppSmith and Hubspot. Long story short, we prefer fast learners to the "walking knowledgebase" of Jira.

A final note from your future colleague in Product

This work is a lot of responsibility, if growth is what you are looking for, one year counts for 2 in this position. You have a chance not just to witness, but participate in pivoting points in the company's development.

Formalities: This position is partially remote, acknowledging that a lot of activities benefit from being on-site. The monthly remuneration is within a range of €4,000 to €6,000. ICO and hour-based cooperation are possible.

Job is closed for applications