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Head of Sales

Work schedule
Poupětova 1339/3, Prague

Step into Behavio and let your sales mastery guide us towards new heights in the global market! 🚀🌍

Location: On-site, at least 4 days in the Prague, Czechia (Holešovice) office

Job Type: Full-time; flexible schedule

At Behavio, we’re building incredibly useful tools for brand marketers – and they’re loving them!

Now we’re looking for someone to set our growth on fire. A true communicator, who can speak the language of marketers, feel their pains, and excite them for a shared journey. A true achiever, with a proven record of continuously achieving targets. A true leader, who will build a dream team of alike humans, excite them around our vision, simplify their routines and support them while they are squeezing out the very best of themselves, and help Behavio reach new heights.

Why Behavio? 👇

In just one year, we've grown from 0 to $650k in annual recurring revenue, changing the way marketers build brands in 13 countries and counting. We're grateful and excited to be working with over 120 subscribers like LEGO, Albert, or Médecins Sans Frontières.

Founded over 8 years ago in the beautiful city of Prague, Europe's new flourishing Tech Hub, we've evolved from a consultancy pioneering implicit behavioral research into a successful technology startup with a global ambition, setting our sights on the US & EU markets. 🌍

Our vision is to be part of every strategic growth discussion for ambitious brands, delivering critical insights on how to create the biggest business value through brand marketing.

For that, we’ve lovingly perfected 3 products: brand tracking, ad testing, and strategy research. We took modern behavioral methods and turned them into budget-friendly and easy-breezy SaaS tools.

We're known for carefully hand-picking a dream team of smart, ambitious, but also kind and fun people. We love to work with each other – 89% of us recently answered “❤️” when asked about their colleagues. We value team collaboration, no-bullshit practical intelligence (“get to the heart of the matter!”), passion, and energy. And we never work for harmful and shady businesses.

We’re backed by supportive investors like Presto Ventures, J&T Ventures, Vaclav Dejcmar, and have world-class advisors like Radim Svoboda, a person behind Samsung’s global marketing strategy or Nikola Pantovič. Join us for the ride! 🚀

What you'll be in charge of: 

You will complete the ongoing transition of our passionate sales founding team (founders Jiří and Marek + 2 AEs Hynek & Míša, 1 BDR Tadeáš) into a well-oiled growth machine – with efficient playbooks, metrics, and processes. Along with our CMO, you will lead our international expansion, invent efficient strategies, and find compelling messages to fill our EU & US outbound pipeline. You’ll grow and drive the team to 10+ people by 2025 (both in Prague and future US offices) and turn their impact into an unmissable phenomenon in the EU/US brand marketing world. You’ll do this by:

📌 Building an environment that fosters both team collaboration and efficient processes, that will enable Behavio to achieve desired growth (1.7M ARR in 2024 and ot 4.M in 2025) - that means delivering 0.9M in ARR in 2024

📌 Crafting clever sales strategies and messages that will enter the EU and US market.

📌 Optimizing processes (full HubSpot implementation, outreach sequences, playbooks, battle cards, automation, introducing new tools)

📌High-Impact hiring: bringing in best performers, onboarding and training them, and encouraging them to strive for both individual and team excellence

📌 True leadership: communicating vision, coaching and mentoring, caring about their needs beyond targets, guiding them through their professional growth

📌 Establishing a high-performance culture, setting bold objectives and targets, and selecting proper bonus schemes

📌 Planning the team growth: identifying the most needed next roles and skills

📌 Overseeing teams in several countries, setting agendas for country managers, and sharing best practices among markets

📌 Diving deep into performance analytics, identifying opportunities and problems, and initiating bold actions when needed

📌 Building strong cooperation with marketing and other teams

That’s the job. Who are you? 

 Someone who has managed a sales team responsible for $10M/year of ARR contribution at a growth-stage SaaS company

✔ You have a proven track record of building successful teams with 10+ members, hiring and onboarding new players, while fostering the existing talents and creating a culture of collaboration and cooperation

✔ You've built a sales plan (budget, metrics & team design) in response to company goals

✔ You’ve led GTM strategy & know how to build an ABM/ABS plan in partnership with Marketing

✔ You’re familiar with the key sales tools (CRM, sales engagement tools, etc.) and always are looking for ways to automate whatever can be automated for your team

✔ Previous experience in the MarTech and early-stage start-ups puts you on top of the list

✔ Eager to start hands-on, lead by example, and fight for every deal, only to delegate fast as soon as you could afford it

✔ Agile, cross-functional, flourishing in a fast-paced company where things evolve daily

✔ Thoughtful, strategic, in love with metrics, sheets, and data

✔ An achiever, energized by bringing in new business and improving existing processes

✔Captivating people’s attention easily, leaving a strong impression, passionate about negotiation

✔ Speaking the language of marketers, understanding their needs – ideally with commercial experience across Brand, Advertising, or Brand Marketing

✔ A kind person with high integrity

✔ Fluent in English, and it would be nice if you can communicate in Czech as well

By the time we shake hands, we need you to be really excited about our vision and team. We want you to become an integral part of Behavio leadership, and really feel like it. 

Why is this role exciting?

This role is the golden ticket at Behavio right now, the most pivotal role we are hiring at this stage. We think we have the best leadership team you could ask for – the great leaders in marketing, product, or technology. We have a strong product-market fit and perfect time to enter the global market. We need one last thing to scale – you, a legend SaaS sales leader.

You're not just getting a seat at the table; you're helping us build it. Shape our path, forge a culture of brilliance, and keep us leaps ahead of the rest.

And of course – you’ll be sharing a slice of Behavio's future success with our ESOP.

Not to forget our benefits package:

💸 Competitive salary (commensurate with experience)

⏰ Flexible working hours with the option of a home office and extended unpaid leave

✨Personal development budget for conferences, workshops, and learning materials

🍳 Weekly breakfasts, daily supply of fruit, snacks, and drinks in the office

💻 Access to hardware, new office facilities with our dog-friendly office, an outdoor terrace, a bistro, DOX Gallery of Contemporary Art, and a parking facility

🏋️ Multisport card

🏔️ Regular company gatherings or trips, for example, to the mountains

💙 And most importantly a culture that values its people and international expansion opportunities

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