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Frontend developer for REALPAD

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Libušina 3, 128 00 Praha 2, Česko

REALPAD helps real estate companies on 3 continents to automate their sales administration and focus on customers. It is a web application written in pure Java on backend and simple HTML+CSS with help of jQuery on frontend.

Why do we need you?

  • We are currently defining a brand new web experience for all our users.
  • We've got hands dirty from user research & UX definition, prototypes and design. Now, we want you to code the whole thing and help us build a robust frontend to our product from scratch.

What will you really do?

  • 50% Build the new UI for the product with technologies you bring to us.
  • 25% Help maintain the existing UI
  • 15% Extend the open source front-end components we use
  • 10% Seek new technologies, discuss them over beer and implement them
  • All the time enjoy work in a small yet experienced team with Marian (CEO), Matej (CTO) & Michal (Head of product)

Technologies we use currently

  • XHTML, intended to migrate to HTML5
  • jQuery, jQuery UI, jTable.org, Select2
  • Gradle, Jenkins, Sentry, Weblate
  • Tools: JIRA, Slack, Git (BitBucket), G-suite

Skills you should have

  • JavaScript EC6; JavaScript in general 2+ years of experience
  • Familiar with any frontend framework
  • HTML5, CSS
  • Principles of HTTP
  • Written & spoken technical English
  • Be perfectionist. No critical //TODOs or warnings slip through your hands.

We prefer if you

  • Have experience with React.js
  • Have Redux/Flux experience
  • Are familiar with Electron

We believe React.js is a good fit for our product, but we are open to other ideas. That's why we need you!

What we offer?

  • Full-time cooperation
  • Quick adoption of fresh ideas and technologies
  • Code reviews
  • Hardware & study budget
  • Home office

Want to know who are you going to work with? Join us for a beer - +421 904 870 778, sasa@easycoreapps.com