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Business Development Manager for chatbots - CEE & DACH

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K Vinici 1256, 530 02 Pardubice

Our ambition is to take our technology to the world and enable people to be more by freeing their hands off repetitive tasks.

Who are we looking for?

Are you a natural storyteller? Do you actively listen to the client’s needs? Are you asking the right questions?

You should be seeking your opportunities and initiate conversations. You thrive on getting references and love networking. You are an organised individual; therefore time management is not a problem for you. These are the trades of our star sales manager.

You will be able to benefit from your experience in enterprise / tech world. Our clients are big enterprises and their IT, callcentre, business or HR departments. You will be often in touch with various partners to discuss and deliver the best chatbot solution for their processes.
English and German are needed in this role since we are shooting for the stars.

If you are an experienced Sales Manager. We are based in Pardubice, but using technologies, so you do not have to be present in our offices every day.

How do we select the right candidate?

You will be asked to prepare a short presentation so you can show us your passion for storytelling. You will also be interviewed by Jiří Janků, Co-Founder & Sales Director.

You will be building your chatbot as part of your induction so you can test how easy it is.
That is exciting right?!

What do we do?

Feedyou provides an automatic solution for repetitive communications. We have chatbots that are created by communication specialists. We offer a platform, where our clients, from all around the world, can easily build and scale their chatbot solutions, in any language.

We believe this technology will take over the repetitive communication tasks in the future and help businesses with their resource management in call-centres, helpdesks, servicedesks, internal communication with employees etc. We want to be part of this world! 

Some of the leading companies have joint us and use our technology - SKODA AUTO, IKEA, Continental, Invia GmbH, Knorr-Bremse, Gi Group, Lufthansa InTouch and Panasonic.


Our team

Although we are a small team of 16 people in total, we do big things! Our chatbot specialists create the end-to-end chatbot solutions, social media specialists work on campaigns, string sales & account team deliver successful chatbot solutions and of course our development team stands behind our Feedyou AI-Driven Bot Ecosystem.

We all have our hobbies and aspirations that are supported by the leadership team; it is important for us that you grow as much as we do.

We do not want to write too much. Instead we would love to meet you in person. Are you in?

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