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👩‍💻Back-end Engineer | Prague/Brno/Remote

Work schedule
Koperníkova 10, Praha

TLDR version: Our product is a customer data platform, complex customer data management for larger companies, Brno, Prague or remote; Python; Docker, Databases, authentic company culture and fair salary, flat organization, long-term job position, innovative and tech-rich industry; respect, trust, and no startup BS; a profitable and fast-growing company with a complex product; high-skilled dev & analytic team which will help you grow. If this all resonates with you, give it a go and keep reading. 👇

📍What can you expect from this position?

  • You will be part of the CZ product team with FE and BE developers, as well as the product manager and UX designer

  • You will be working on internal projects with an outstanding team and exposed to the business use cases from the European and Southeast Asian market
  • Agile programming is our mantra & Clean well-designed code is our priority
  • We automatically integrate and deploy our code with GitHub Actions

🔧 Your regular day might look like this

  • We have a team stand-up every Monday where we re-cap last week's work and sum up the work for the following week

  • All tasks are organized in our Zoho Projects tool
  • The new code is always developed in a standalone git branch and it is sent to code review when it's ready
  • We split the code reviews between all developers, so the review time is equally split and we can all share each other's view on the codebase
  • We mostly develop the code in Python with the PyCharm IDE
  • Our REST APIs are documented with the ApiAry

          Ondra Tom


          Backend Lead
Ondra Tom
Backend Lead

👩🏻‍💻 What do we expect from a back-end engineer?

  • Being comfortable with Python 3 using static typing and an object-oriented programming paradigm

  • We expect some knowledge of the code architecture
  • Knowing how to write automated tests
  • Some basic Docker knowledge is also a must
  • If you know some of these, it's a huge plus: SqlAlchemy, Flask, Postgresql, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, AWS S3, AWS SES, Redshift, ApiAry

🤝 What do we offer

  • A great innovative team of experts, which will elevate your career
  • Flexible remote job, but you can use our office in Impact Hub in Brno or Prague
  • Rapid career growth, self-realization, and education
  • The international environment of our company & our client you'd be working with
  • A good financial compensation based on your skills and experience

An opportunity to reach for real business innovation 

If you like this position, don't be shy to try it! Tell us about your previous projects, send us your CV or Linkedin profile at

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