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Tech Team lead

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DOX+, Poupětova 1339/3, 170 00 Praha 7

It has been proven that approx 80% of TV commercials end up having no effect whatsoever. Thanks to the marketing scientist the causes are well-known but companies are still struggling to improve strategy planning and campaigns in general. Behavio Labs has been helping hundreds of companies for the past few years, which allowed us to master the method of making the campaign the most effective from brief to the final cut.  Now we want to apply this method to develop a unique software tool because all marketers deserve their Productboard. Our first goal is to introduce it to the most significant market in the US. If we can get by there, we can succeed anywhere else after.

We are looking for a new team leader who is not only a tech expert but is also not afraid of people management and will make sure that our expanding development team will work like a well-oiled machine. If it sounds like you, you should also be keen on challenges and become a “partner in crime” to our CTO, helping him bring our proof of concept to MVP and further. Things will be changing and improving over time, and you will get a chance to have a direct impact.

We are looking for an open-minded person who wants to learn and build something new and unique. You shouldn’t be afraid to speak up when you see room for improvement and take the initiative. 

Behavio Labs
Behavio Labs

How do we picture you?

  • You have proven experience with managing the tech team and task assignments.
  • You can handle multiple tasks at the same time and prioritise.
  • You enjoy sharing your expertise and mentoring junior colleagues.
  • You empower your team to make decisions and encourage them to grow professionally.
  • You are available 4 to 5 days a week. We expect you to be with us in the office for at least two days a week.
  • You enjoy writing nice and reusable code, and you want to stay hands-on (we expect around 40% of your time).
  • You think two steps ahead, and embrace changes.

What's in it for you?

💰 Fair remuneration based on your skills and experience

🖥 Hardware of your choice

🏢 New office at DOX+ in Holešovice and a great team

🕰 Flexibility when it comes to working hours and home office

🥪 Free breakfast every morning, free lunch every Tuesday and free snacks and fruit all day long

🚲 Bike-friendly working space

🤸 Multisport card

🎓 English lessons

 🎯 Does everyone in my team know what to do? Isn't the quality of our documentation stopping anyone from completing their tasks?

🎯 Do I provide valuable feedback instead of sole criticism? How are my colleagues doing? Do I know how to cheer them up? How do I help my teammates grow?

🎯 Can this architecture handle a sudden peak of 10k visitors? How do we scale our system when our user base grows ten times? Does it pay off to invest in optimisation, or do we just pay for five more instances?

These are only a few examples of situations you might be facing while working with us.

Behavio Labs
Behavio Labs

Behavio technology you can look forward to:

  • Services written in Python (3.8), Go and Node.js that expose APIs using OpenAPI or GraphQL

  • React, WebComponents, Firebase, Polymer, Webpack/Rollup on the frontend
  • TypeScript / ES7 across the stack
  • Postgres for our relational databases
  • VMs, Docker and Google Cloud Functions for deployment and DevOps
  • Google Cloud infrastructure, leveraging Firebase 

Handy to know about us

We are a little bit above 30 people, and still growing. Deloitte has identified us as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the CE region . We have a flat organisational structure that developed around our five founders, and we are used to very open and frank communication. We work hard, but we also like to have fun, often teasing each other. Our office is located in offbeat space DOX+ in Holesovice, right next to the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, where we enjoy free admission as one of the perks. Also, we enjoy the change of work scenery from time to time, so we organize regular hackathons or half-work, half-leisure offsite events.

We are aware of the power of our psychological weapons and we don't work or share our insights with any businesses that negatively impact people’s lives. Hence, we reject even some very well paid offers.

Lidi, kteří tu pracují, jsou děsně chytří, baví mě práce s nimi, protože je to strašně obohacující. Mají neskutečný přehled a rozumí své práci, ať už to jsou sociologové nebo ekonomové.

Káťa Šustová, Development Manager

Mám poměrně vysoká očekávání na smysluplnost práce, na kolektiv, míru svobody a zodpovědnosti a tady se to potkalo všechno dohromady. To není moc běžné.

Bára Halíková, Key Account Manager
Behavio Labs
Behavio Labs

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