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Social Media & Content Specialist

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Masarykova 410/28, 602 00 Brno-střed, Česko

We provide services for financial institutions and brokerages both in CZ/SK and in Europe. And as we grow our marketing needs to grow with it. So far we have covered Copy, PPC, Graphic design, everything regarding web pages and now looking for someone who will help us build strong communities, manage social media presence, create the content. Will it be you?

This dress code isn't a standard here so don't get scared...
This dress code isn't a standard here so don't get scared...


  • Building and taking care of an online community that understands our brand and products via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. both in CZ/SK and abroad
  • Monitoring our online presence and replying to comments or reviews
  • Creating and posting content to our blog and optimizing it for different platforms and websites 
  • Being in charge of the editorial calendar
  • Researching and targeting the correct audience to deliver our message the way we want
  • Watching latest trends, hashtags and features as well as industry news and regulations to keep us relevant
  • Cultivating fans, leads and customers through to active clients and brand ambassadors.
  • Producing measurable KPIs and reports to analyze the results of all social media and community efforts.
More likely is this to happen :)
More likely is this to happen :)


  • Interest in social media and experience with FB, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.
  • Understanding the importance of community how to develop them
  • Ability to determine the correct target audiences
  • Knowledge of basic marketing principles and fundamentals
  • Previous experience in social media is a plus
  • Awareness of multi-social posting programs and other tools (i.e. Hootsuite)
  • Familiarity with SEO and constructing web content
  • Ability to manage multiple initiatives at once
  • The English language is a must and at least a B2 level is needed same applies to Czech


  • Experience with emerging platforms such as Snapchat and Tiktok
  • Previous experience in social media


  • You can choose a new notebook, a mobile phone and everything you need for your work from your Electro Budget.
  • In need of education? Buy books, attend workshops, visit conferences or meet a coach. Everything is covered in the Education budget.
  • Feel like your English still needs improvement? We have several lecturers, just choose the one you like
  • Getting a new haircut in the office? Ordering a smoothie to your table? A handyman finally mounting the shelves or getting a Multisport? Just a few things on which you can use our Cafeteria points.
  • Home office and flexible hours are normal for us, so feel free to work from home, coffee shop, or cottage in the mountains. Rule number one it can’t limit the team or the work
  • 25 days of well-deserved vacation and 5 sick days ... you know just in case
  • Annual remote offices, fresh fruit, gym and sauna, BBQs on the terrace, etc.
  • And the most important! Great bunch of colleagues and very informal and friendly environment


We are a young team with a desire to show the world that a Czech company from Brno has its place in international business. We are innovating the financial world, trying to change the status quo and inspire competition. People are what matters most to us and the groundwork of our entrepreneurship which grows profitably. We can work as a team and have a lot of fun during the day, but we also solve problems, work hard and respect each other.

We are open with each other, and strict working hours are not our style - everyone knows what their job is and how much time they need to devote to it. We prefer project management style to a hierarchical one. Plus, our company is located in a nice office in the city centre, with its own gym, sauna, terrace, etc.

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