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Budova Delta, Za Brumlovkou 5/1559, 140 00 Praha 4, Czechia

We are a small team of seasoned tech professionals based in Prague, Brumlovka. Our experience in working for global retail superbrands such as Adidas, Vans or Calvin Klein lead us to believe in ourselves, in our skills and creativity. That’s why we are building our own digital products, going global with them from day one - for example launching our startup Loop with huge marketing campaign in London.

We are looking for a senior developer that can help us deliver digital solutions to our high-street brand and retail customers. Our project will help our clients gain and act on insights on consumer interaction, analytics and in-store operations. It fuses software and hardware.

You could be the person to do the job, if you are able to independently come up with solutions, integrate existing software and develop new ones where needed. Being able to design and implement system architecture from scratch is a must.


What is it for you?

You’ll work in a company of 35+ people, where processes are kept to a minimum. You can influence the way you work. It may sound as a cliché, but you’ll be in a collective of many inspirational people. This job will be rewarding to you if you like to create something from scratch (as opposed to e.g. maintaining legacy systems).


Must have:

  • Knowledge of Linux environment, i.e. bash, programming for Linux and Linux administration
  • Knowledge of building system architecture from scratch
  • You are fluent in English, Czech or Slovak 

You are our ideal candidate, if you have a combination of at least some of the below skills and know-how.

  • Experience in Python 2 and 3 or C++
  • Hands on experience with embedded hardware, i.e. Raspberry PI and alternatives
  • Electronics, Arduino + sensors programming
  • Experience with languages such as PHP, JavaScript / Node.js
  • Basic experience of machine learning/artificial Intelligence and face recognition
  • RabbitMQ or Apache Kafka
  • OpenCV, TensorFlow
  • Database SQL/NoSQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch) knowledge
  • Web apps development knowledge
  • Use server-side logic to integrate user-facing elements
  • Hierarchical and scalable thinking of software architecture
  • Support new projects and implement solutions from a Level-3 perspective
  • Integrate data storage solutions
  • Implement data security and protection



  • Company iPhone and notebook of your choice
  • Being part of a startup with long-term vision and global potential
  • Inspiring environment of award-winning offices in the technology hub in Brumlovka
  • Equally inspiring team members with wide range of experience (Seznam, MSD or Socialbakers)
  • Reasonable timesheeting and hassle-free home office/sick days/allowances
  • Sneak-peeks of prototypes and hands-on experience with state-of-the-art hardware
  • Fresh food and sport possibilities
  • Friendly Nerf Gun practices
  • Yoga practice twice a week

Interested? Contact us via email lada.tremlova@green-light.com.