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10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Storyous Salesperson

1.Your opinion matters and has direct impact on the success of our product. You’ll help develop it and make it better by building relationships and working closely with future customers. And we’ve already got an impressive number of customers, almost four-thousand, across the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain!

2.You’ll get clearly defined goals for each quarterly, so you’ll always know what plans and tasks await you.

3. You’ll work alongside a team of skilled professionals and open-minded enthusiast. We learn from each other and thus are always moving forward. Come experience it for yourself!

4. Your client: people who work in restaurants and hospitality businesses. The product you’ll be offering lets them focus on the truly most important area of their business: achieving the best-ever guest experience. For everything else there’s us. :)

5. You’ll have a fantastic manager - Honza will trust and respect your sales skills. Your sales say enough, so we won’t bother you with useless meetings, silly tasks and similar time-wasters. Check out Honza’s journey at Storyous in the video below.

6. Superb rewards – it’s in your hands. Hard work pays off, you could soon be earning quite a sum! Ask Storyous salespeople how much they make!

7. Lots of autonomy – it’s up to you how you plan your day, week or month.

8. Travel around the whole of the Czech Republic – discover new places, new businesses, and new stories.

9. Do what you love – are you a food/restaurant lover? Perhaps you were a restaurant manager before and now you can help similar people run their business more efficiently and smoothly.

10. Top foodie business job - we honestly believe we’re building the smartest and the most helpful system for restaurants in Europe. We’re growing, and we’d love skilled professionals and foodies to come join us on our way!

          Honza Kosek


          Head of Sales
Honza Kosek
Head of Sales

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