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Dabbaspet, Karnataka, India

We are a manufacturer of Framed and frameless glass partitions, movable and foldable partition walls, acoustic booths for private conversations or interactive partitions and smart office reservation and management systems in India. If You are looking for a new challenge and are experienced manufacturing manager, join us! 


• Planning, organising & control of production schedules. Also, review and adjust the schedule where needed.

• Prepare and maintain production reports on daily basis.

• Assessing the human resources, material resources required & manage resources to meet production targets.

• Supervising the works of Junior Staffs.

• Estimating, negotiating, agreeing the Credit/payment terms & Lead time with Vendors.

• Figuring out the risk factors & informing to CEO/Director of the company.

• Ensuring Health & safety regulations are met.

• Following up the procedure of debriefing for all the projects.

• Preparation & documenting the blacklisting, ensure correcting the mistakes in future projects.

• Agreeing & following the delivery terms with the clients & rescheduling based on the client requirements.

• Make decisions about equipment maintenance, procurement, modification & improvements in production

• Estimate production costs, calculation of KP & Gross margin of all individual projects on monthly basis.

• Maintaining good quality, condition & proper use of all the tools, machineries, property of the company.

• Exercise proper control & report over the inventory

• Should practice and follow economic order size, maximum, minimum, average and danger levels of materials avoiding problems of overstocking and understocking.

• Minimising of wastages of materials during Production

• Salaries & over Head Calculations, Monitoring, Maintaining & improving the performance of the production workers.

• Standardisation & documentation of storage stock.

• Preparation of price offer & calculation of KP of Price offer.

• Training of distributors for measurement and proper installation in detail.

• Project management, Supervision of the project & reporting status of the project (if necessary).

• Organising relevant training sessions for the production workers & distributors.

• Liaising with buyers, marketing and sales staff

• Implement, maintain and follow the quality control of all the products, hardware and accessories both inward & outward.

• Preparation of production documents, production drawings, shop drawing & getting approved from the client before start of the production.

• Measurement & training of site in case of new distributors & training of measurement to existing distributors.

• Finding new ideas, optimum solution for the complicated partitions within our standards.


• At least 5 years of previous experience in manufacturing company – engineering industry.

• Management of team of 10+.

• Previous experience with European or multinational company and manufacturing standards.

• Local safety regulations knowledge.

• Local work law related regulations.

• Skills of implementing lean production principles.

• Skilled in negotiation and purchasing.

• Fluency in English language to communicate with the management in the Czech Republic.

• Communicative, well organized, flexible personality with natural leadership.


• An important position in which you can develop your horizon within a vibrant international production organization where you have the opportunity for personal development and career growth.

• Laptop and mobile phone.

• Motivational salary with participation on the profit of our branch and yearly bonus.

• An opportunity to work for a family business based in the Czech Republic and be a part of the top management of the interiors division.

• Occasional traveling in PAN India and to Europe.

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