Open position at Rohlik

Machine Learning Engineer

Work schedule
Sokolovská 100/94, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Česko

We develop predictive algorithms, automate processes, create complex analyzes for entire company and make work easier for others wherever it is possible.

About the team

At Business Intelligence, we take care of everything around data. We help colleagues in Rohlík to have all the necessary information for the management of individual departments. To do this, we prepare reporting for the entire company and also process more complex analysis. We try to automate processes and make work easier for others wherever it is possible.

We are looking for an experienced ML/AI engineer, who will join our ML team and be member of personalization squad. In Rohlik we have large amounts of data - transactional, logistics or operations of our warehouse. We want to use our data to improve user experience with advanced recommender systems and real-time inference.

What will you do

Together with your colleagues you will identify the best use-cases for application of machine learning algorithms

Cooperate on development of machine learning models, mainly focused on recommenders.

We use tools such as Keboola Connection or AWS platform, you don’t have to be skilled in any of them, but we expect you to learn it fast.

What we look for

Good knowledge of SQL, Python and related machine learning and deep learning libraries

Ideally a few years of hands-on experience or ability to demonstrate previous use of ML/AI for practical use-cases

Practical and realistic understanding what is achievable with state of the art technology

Creativity and ability to independently solve problems

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