Open position at JetBrains

Junior Lawyer

Work schedule
Na Hřebenech II 785/9, 147 00 Praha 4-Podolí, Česko

We are looking for a bright and talented lawyer to help JetBrains navigate the high seas of legal compliance. You will be joining a crew of experienced lawyers, supporting the legal needs of a dynamic, growing, and truly international IT company. Along with the requisite background and skills, we’re looking to welcome aboard a self-starter with sharp wit and a can-do attitude.

Areas of focus:

Once aboard, you’ll be focusing on the following areas of practice:

  • Commercial deal negotiation support, primarily in relation to international customers and IT procurement
  • Advising on matters relating to international commercial law and sales channel activities
  • Support of intellectual property and licensing matters
  • General support of operations of an international legal team

Previous experience, and the ability to assist with, at least one of the following areas would be helpful and seen as complementary: software licensing, data protection, Czech/EU corporate law, Czech employment law,

          Martina Šichová (Brožová)


          Head of HR
Martina Šichová (Brožová)
Head of HR


Our new crew member should be able to demonstrate:

  • the skills, familiarity, and efficiencies that come with not more than 1-3 years of post-university legal experience (Mgr. or similar) -- ideally in a multinational corporation or a reputable international law firm
  • the ability to review, draft, negotiate and solidify agreements and other legal documents to optimise the company’s legal position
  • compelling experience with intellectual property and licensing matters, including dealing with piracy

Our new crew member will also have:

  • quick reflexes when dealing with foreign laws and novel concepts
  • a willingness to learn (and teach)
  • the ability to provide clear and concise legal advice that is understandable to a wide-ranging audience
  • the ability to take initiative and sail into uncharted territories
  • a flair for creative and lateral problem solving, supported by precision research
  • sharp wit and even sharper critical thinking and analytical ability
  • experience with and understanding of common law principles and regimes is very nice to have
  • transparency, integrity, and openness with your crew and the business

There is a huge opportunity to grow, try new things, test new approaches, and push your own work forward, as well as the results of the company.

Václav Pech, JB Veteran

What you’ll get:

Your fair share of the bounty (and benefits)!

Our ship has won awards for being a great place to work - there’s an in-office gym, work-leisure zones, non-stop snacks, massages, private parking, and many other pearls. Importantly, flexible hours are genuinely respected, and there is the possibility of permanent remote work.

More importantly, you’ll be working in a collaborative, supportive, and fun environment, where you’ll have serious responsibility and autonomy, but won’t need to walk the plank. Last but not least, this will be an opportunity for you to learn, grow, and train yourself in the environment of an international software company.

When can you start?

The ship is about to sail on this opportunity, so don’t dilly-dally. The sooner you can join the better.

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