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Java developer

Work schedule
Full-time (Remote job)

Join us on our journey to scale our proven platform to the world!

We are...

digitizing real estate, the largest asset class in the world. Realpad is a CRM and customer service platform for real estate developers. Our mission is simple: make buying and selling new homes an enjoyable experience, and with more than 101 customers in 12 countries and 95% retention, we’re on a good track on our journey to becoming a global leader in this industry.

We have reached a strong product-market fit, and are rebuilding to scale our products, customers, and company fast.

Our approach...

  • Our work is organized in an agile way without overly adhering to any particular methodology. Our goal is minimum organizational overhead and maximum focus.
  • Our assignments describe the changes required in high-level allowing for freedom in the implementation. No step-by-step specifications without a space to breathe.
  • We are transitioning from a dedicated sysadmin approach to devops. From mature technologies like Tomcat and Postgres onwards.
  • We love Java, see a great future for it, and know first-hand the qualities it brings forward in people.

Your job will be...

  • 60% invest into our core product - Flats CRM.
    • ...allow scaling to many times the current customer base.
  • 40% extend it with new capabilities.
    • ...adapt to regional needs, strengthen the UX and remove snags.
  • Backend, APIs, and integrations.
    • may also take on as much devops, analytical, and frontend work as you feel like.

Our offer is...

  • Full-time remote position with a high degree of flexibility. This is in our DNA.
  • Creative freedom, participation in decision making.
  • Building a meaningful product over the course of long-term cooperation.
  • Small team of talented Java, PHP, mobile developers, and designers.
  • Plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Stock options: opportunity to participate in the success of our company.

We expect...

  • Great communication, good spoken and written English.
  • A strong drive to create.
  • Ownership mentality.
  • Ability to deliver without constant supervision.
  • A proactive approach to solving problems.
  • Experience with building and maintaining products.

Today we use...

  • Java, Spring.
  • PostgreSQL with pg_pool.
  • Tomcat, Debian Linux. Monolithic architecture to be transitioned under your lead.
  • Bitbucket (+ Pipelines), Jira, Slack, Google Apps, Notion, Runscope, Sentry, New Relic, Weblate.

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