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ICE is searching for 3DCP architect

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Praha, Brno, Žďár nad Sázavou, Hranice, Pardubice

We are ICE Industrial Services and thanks to our experience in industrial automation, we bring evolution to architecture and construction. Besides exploring new opportunities in building houses and other buildings, we now plan to help Ukraine quickly restore its architecture using our 3D printers. We are looking for innovation enthusiasts who are not looking for why something is not working, but on the contrary are looking for new directions, forms and materials.

And who are we searching for? Someone who

  • Wants to design and build buildings differently than it has been done for last hundred years.
  • Knows the concept of parametric modeling
  • Is a fan of digital architecture and knows Rhino and Grasshopper.
  • Already has some experience, but still can think innovatively
  • Has some working experience in ArchiCAD in 3D
  • As we are working on the projects for Ukraine, knowledge of the language as well as the culture is a great advantage
ICE Industrial Services
ICE Industrial Services

We can give you a great job, the rest is up to you

  • You will be working on the 3DCP structures and buildings from the initial design to final implementation without printing project documentation

  • You will be part of the real Construction 4.0

          Dominika Mýtna


          Innovation Leader
Dominika Mýtna
Innovation Leader
ICE Industrial Services
ICE Industrial Services

We are a team full of optimists with good mood and great atmosphere.

  • You will be working in a company that is loved by its employees as well as customers.

  • We organize LOTS of various team building activities, we go for a beer together, and a positive attitude towards alcohol is welcomed ;-)

We are inspired by companies like Netflix, Google or Spotify.

  • We develop interesting projects for the world's leading companies

  • Everyone's approach and performance directly affects their earnings and their career growth
  • We understand that sometimes a person needs extra time off or work from home. How you organize your work is up to you (in agreement with your Teamleader).
  • It's not an environment for everyone. It is for those who bear a great deal of freedom and responsibility and are not afraid to decide. It is for those who do not need a manual for everything and can work quickly and flexibly in a team and at the same time deliver a great result, even under pressure.

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