Open position at MSD IT

Front-end Developer (all seniorities)

Work schedule
Svornosti 3321/2, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov, Česko

We innovate the pharmaceutical industry. You can join us in the digital health revolution and tackle biggest opportunities and challenges at the intersection of healthcare, information and technology.

What can you expect?

Our Web & Mobile Apps is a group of 7 product teams. Our teams consist of 6 to 9 people in cross-functional setup including UX Designer, Scrum Master and Product Owner. 

We like React a lot, but also like experimenting with other technologies. We like trying different approaches to achieve our goals, like TDD or mobbing. Most of our apps run in Docker and AWS.

As a developer you will be part of the product team working on one or more products through which you will be solving business problems and helping users with their everyday problems. We expect every developer to produce quality code and maintaining quality or contributing to architecture decisions.

We expect you to know JavaScript, both modern parts in ES 2015-17 and some older basic concepts. We do not assume you would know everything though. We do not know it all either. Knowledge of some of the recent frameworks would be nice, currently we favor React but Vue looks promising. There is probably no need to mention Agile concepts, we work in Scrum and experiment with other practices from XP such as test driven development or pair/mob programming.
Napiš Rasťovi a zeptej se na MSD
Napiš Rasťovi a zeptej se na MSD

Technology Stack

  • React
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Node.js
  • Jest / Mocha
  • Jenkins, Docker
  • AWS


What will your day and week look like?

We use Scrum on projects heavily so your day will most likely start with a standup. You will work in your product team and together with your colleagues deliver back-end and/or front-end solutions, you will be directly in touch with business through standard Scrum mechanisms. At the beginning you will have a buddy who will help you with practical issues about working in MSD. We like code reviews and you will have chance to participate in those. Our code reviews are done with whole community across different teams and are a great source of knowledge and improvements for all of us. You can expect to see couple of pull requests every day although you do not have to check them all, only if you have time. That's why we all do code reviews. In the afternoons, we do regular JS meetups (to plot evil plans against Java developers), go for a JS beer (just a regular pilsner but served asynchronously) or organize hackathons (to try something new, fail and cry about it).

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