Otevřená pracovní pozice ve společnosti Purple Technology

🖥️ Experienced Sysadmin

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Masarykova 410/28, 602 00 Brno-střed, Česko

I když je náš ICT tým zatím výhradně český, v celé firmě máme plno kolegů, kteří jsou cizinci. Od našeho Sysadmina tak budeme určitě potřebovat, aby se nebál komunikovat v angličtině, nebo je mu klidně dokonce bližší, než čeština. To je i důvodem, proč jsme se rozhodli veškeré informace o této pozici sepsat v angličtině.

We are seeking an experienced and self-reliant Sysadmin to join our ICT team. If you are passionate about working with Linux, KVM, and physical hardware in a cooled server environment, and eager to contribute to the growth of our organization, this opportunity is for you. Purple is not a large corporation; instead, you can expect a relatively small and flexible team. If you are seeking a role with minimal roadblocks and instead desire a proactive, non-hierarchical environment where your contribution truly matters, read on. 


  • You will take ownership of managing our application servers and monitoring system

  • You will ensure that our physical hardware is in a healthy condition
  • You will be responsible for devising and executing backup strategies, ensuring that regular backups are conducted to safeguard data
  • You will be in charge of creating and managing user accounts, as well as controlling access permissions to various resources
  • You will play a role in the company's global onboarding and offboarding of users (including hardware selection, software setup, application configuration, and encryption)
  • You will help us with various ad-hoc tasks aimed at developing and setting up new technologies and ensuring smooth ICT processes (such as analysis and testing, implementations, documentation, presentations, and manuals)
  • Last but not least, you will set up our systems based on the demands of auditors, regulators, and security standards


  • Linux (Ubuntu, Debian) servers, Win servers
  • Docker, Snap, KVM, Zabbix
  • Mac/Win/iOS/Android users
  • Google workspace, Google Play, App Store
  • Eset, OpenVPN, EdgeRouter, UniFi, NAS
  • Zoom, VoIP (FreePBX), Slack
  • Podio, Trello, Wekan, Clockify, Monday, Confluence, Documize
  • Zendesk, Freshdesk, Tresorit, LastPass, MS Office, Wordpress…


  • A drive to be proactive, readiness for a variety of challenges

  • Independence and the ability to approach challenges with a positive attitude
  • Extensive experience in Linux server administration, particularly with KVM virtualization
  • Familiarity with Zabbix, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • A strong understanding of software licensing
  • Excellent time management and prioritization skills
  • Resilience and flexibility to adapt to business requirements and user needs
  • Proficiency in English, at least at a B2 level


Maybe we didn't hit the bullseye with your situation, but if you've found something in common with us, get in touch. Send us through the form below (everything can be in Czech or English):

  • Your resume - LinkedIn profile is fine too.
  • A cover letter - tell us more about yourself and why you're interested in us. Put some effort into it, as it often helps us decide who to prioritize meeting with.


We are a young team with a desire to show the world that a Czech company from Brno has its place in international business. We are innovating the financial world, trying to change the status quo and inspire competition. People are what matters most to us and the groundwork of our entrepreneurship which grows profitably. We can work as a team and have a lot of fun during the day, but we also solve problems, work hard and respect each other.

We are open with each other, and strict working hours are not our style - everyone knows what their job is and how much time they need to devote to it. We prefer project management style to a hierarchical one. Plus, our company is located in a nice office in the city center of Brno, with its own gym, sauna, etc.

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