Open position at Wrike

Data Scientist

Work schedule
Full-time (Remote job)

In this role, you'll see yourself working on a variety of problems that are relevant in project management such as predicting the success of projects,  predicting end date of projects ranking tasks and more. To be successful, you need to enjoy challenging ML tasks and enjoy working on them from idea to production. Also, you need to have experience working on production projects as a Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer as well as have advanced Python skills.

Job is closed for applications

          Ilya Shubik


          VP of Engineering
Ilya Shubik
VP of Engineering

Role Responsibilities

  • Involvement in the whole process of model development:

  • Translating product/business problems into tractable machine learning problems
  • Collecting data and feature engineering
  • Training and validating models
  • Taking responsibility for quality of solutions: testing models and data Deploying models using cloud solutions
  • Data and model monitoring
  • Communicate with fellow data scientists, product owners, and developers
  • Contribute to ML infrastructure (internal frameworks, logging and data organization, etc.)
  • Apply best software engineering practices to build a reliable codebase
  • Work in agile environment, present results of your work on regular sprint reviews

Meet Ilya, our VP of Engineering

Our tech stack:

  • Python
  • Google AI Platform
  • BigQuery
  • git
  • dagster
  • flake8, black, mypy
  • optuna
  • shap
  • tensorflow
  • lightgbm, xgboost, catboost
  • mlflow
  • scikit-learn
  • pandas, numpy

Basic Qualifications:

  • Confident statistical and machine learning skills
  • 1 years + experience working as a Data Scientist
  • Python coding skills
  • SQL skills
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  • Independence, ability to challenge ML ideas suggesting different approaches

Preferred Qualifications:

  • You are comfortable with reading research papers
  • You have enthusiasm for reproducible research techniques
  • You are proactively pushing yourself to develop your skills and knowledge
  • You have experience in NLP or graph analysis/SNA
  • You enjoy participating in hackathons and Kaggle competitions
  • You have experience working with Google Cloud Platform or similar
  • You have SW engineering background

Job is closed for applications