Open position at Trustsoft

Cloud ☁️ DevOps Engineer/Architect

Work schedule
Full-time (Remote job)

Our mostly DevOps engineers teams are helping with the building of cloud infrastructure, cloud migration, building stable and secure solutions. Everything for clients from all around the world from different business fields. That way we work with many technologies, keeping us open to new approaches and ideas.

What you can jump into:

  • migrate or build projects in the cloud (AWS, Azure)
  • automate and standardize using Terraform, Docker, or Ansible
  • design HA solutions for web/database/email/big data/... and implement them
  • communicate directly with customers on projects and keep them satisfied
  • fix bugs and tune-up service performance
  • work on serverless/big data/machine learning projects if you are interested
  • you’ll get a project and space to tune it up to perfection
  • implement CI/CD pipelines

To succeed and enjoy this ride, you should be good at:

  • familiar with AWS or Azure or Google Cloud
  • have the knowledge and previous experience with Ansible, Docker, K8s or Terraform (at least one of them)
  • administer Debian or CentOS servers
  • configure Apache or NGINX, MySQL or PostgreSQL, Redis, etc.
  • be able to script in BASH/Python/GO (automation scripts, etc.)
  • have knowledge of English at a communicative level

What will work in your favorBeing certified by Amazon AWS or another similar service. Having experience with HA systems such as HAProxy, Traefik, Keepalived, GlusterFS, DRBD. Having experience with Kubernetes or Openshift.

Interesting numbers from our projects

  • migration projects from Oracle EE to PostgreSQL on AWS saves our client more than $1.5mil per year on license costs
  • 150+ different clients
  • 5000+ WordPress hostings
  • 3+ million emails a day goes through our network
  • building webhosting for 100,000+ sites on AWS

💻 Technologies and services we use the most:

  • AWS, Azure, and Google cloud
  • we automate with Ansible, Docker, Terraform - we have IaaC as standard
  • Graylog, ELK, Grafana, Prometheus, LOKI
  • Jenkins, GitlabCI (primarily), CircleCI
  • we operate Docker in Kubernetes, ECS or Rancher
  • ZFS with Proxmox, HAProxy, Keepalived, DRBD, GlusterFS, ObjectiveFS
  • Percona MySQL server, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, etc..
  • NGINX or Apache with PHP-FPM, Apache/Nginx Proxy
  • we use Zabbix, CloudWatch, NewRelic for monitoring

We will give you support in personal growth, various education opportunities and training courses. Self-realization. You will get free access to online courses on Udemy, Acloudguru or Linux academy and others... Interested in anything else? We are open to discussing your needs.

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